Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Here are some photos of our Dress Up as a book character day. How many book characters can you recognise? The children were all fantastic as I am sure you will agree from our pictures. Huge thank you to all you parents for making such an effort. We had such fun!

Who is Telmo?

Who is Aqilah?

Who is Seren?

Who is Ines?

Who is Carmen?

Who is Andrew?

Who is Alfie?

Who is Carmen?

Who is Chloé?

Who is Claudia?

Who is Hugo?

Who is Nia?

Who is Marcos?

Who is Edu?

Who is Nora?

Who is Elina?
 We went over to the other building so we could see all the other fantastic costumes!
Y4 and Mr Gregg

Please look after this Bear!

Miss Marple and Grandma!

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  1. Nice photos. I'm sure that it was so funny. Good job.