Tuesday, 30 June 2015

On Friday 26th June, Year 1 & FS2 had a fun afternoon working in mixed groups on a range of arty activities connected to the story 'Augustus and his smile'.
This book was chosen for the starring role in our FS-Yr1 Transition Project. The children have already had classroom visits and a shared trip to the 'wild area' across the road from school. 
Both year groups have undertaken many different activities based on the book within their own classes and Yr1 will continue the story in September.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Dress up as a teacher!

Today, the teachers came to school dressed as pupils and the pupils came to school dressed as teachers!!

What a funny day!!

There was a cake sale at break-time and we donated money to dress up. The money will go to Oxfam and for Nepal Relief. 

We are thinking about kindness to others today (although we should think about this all the time).
Our money is given with kindness and will help people who are not so lucky as we are.

Hayley's last day....

Hayley is leaving us today and so we gave her a canvas upon which we had each painted a colourful flower (part of our topic is plants) and wrote our names. She also received a photograph book full of memories of her tome here at IST.
Bye bye Hayley!!

Thursday 11th June

Yr1 had a fabulous day at the gardens. The weather was hot but there was lots of shade.
We saw beautiful flowers of all shapes and colours. 
There were frogs to count and turtles which made us laugh.
Down at the mini-farm we saw hens, deer, a cow, goats and donkeys.
We tried not to get lost in the maze!
Have a look at our photographs to see what an amazing day out we had!